Shipping & delivery



We work with manufacturers around the world, the best products to the prices to find the one to suit you.

This leads to the fact that all of our orders from all over the world sent to you from Thailand and the USA to Morocco. However, sicher, thes, we have our orders, for your added security can track.

The delivery time is between 7-14 working days. So don't worry if the product does not arrive the next day! Most of the time our product will arrive much faster, but we want you to be aware that this is outside of our control!

Please note, that we average 1 to 7 business days to your order before we send. You can rest assured that we will do everything in our Power to deliver your order as soon as possible to you!

Please have patience, because sometimes there are unpredictable events such as strikes, slow processing at the customs or with the delivery service.

Please have understanding, that may delay the delivery time, sometimes due to these uncontrollable events.

This means that we ship worldwide, so you can shop with us wherever you are.

Please note that our shipping time, depending on the customer onslaught1-7 working days can be.Based on our historical data is die pure time of DELIVERY after the goods leave the warehouse within Germany and to Austria, 7-12 working days.

The pureshipping time with standard shipping in the Switzerland is 9-14 working days.

If you are in the Express editingselect skip all the other orders, so your goods with all the highest probability within 24 hours after your purchase shipped. Also hereis the pure shipping time after processing, about 7-12 working days, or 9-14 working days.

All information for shipment are estimated based on the ordinary processes and not legally binding.


Note: If you have ordered several products together, can arrive at different times. This is because our products are shipped from different warehouses.


you will receive your tracking number once shipped it was.. Once you have your tracking number, please click on this Link enter your consignment number.

Please also note that the tracking number is not a Live Tracker, and the updates sometimes can delay.

The route from manufacturer to distribution to DHL /DPD/HERMES and co. takes a different shipping company. In advance but reserved a tracking number in the shipping services.
As soon as the shipping service, the package is directly updated.